Absorba Nateen Super Adult Pull Up Pants M Size (10's)

Absorba Nateen Super Adult Pull Up Pants provides High Absorbency & Better Quality for wear’s need. Different from adult diaper, there are only three steps to wear which are Wear, Remove and Tear. Pant designed adult diaper is more convenient for active user. The absorbency and comfort level of Super Plus adult diaper pant is much stronger.Absorba Nateen Super adult diaper pant is soft, breathable and easy fitting. This is suitable for heavy-severe use, maximizes the protection for users and highly recommended for adult incontinence use. If you are looking for the most absorbent adult diaper pant, you can consider this product. 


Premium quality :

-Dual leak barriers guard the lateral section of pants to provide a hydrophobic barrier

-Triple Wetness Indicators

-Dual Leg Cuffs

-360 Air Waistband 360

-Odour Control

-Ultra Dry Top Layer

-Breathable Material

-Belgian Quality