Advansure JustWhey is a protein supplement. It can be consumed on its own or in combination with other enteral feeding formulas/beverages. Advansure JustWhey is an instantised, soluble and dispersible whey protein blend. It mixes easily with most food matrices, in fluids and can be added to soups and oatmeal.

Reconstitution Instructions:
Advansure JustWhey can be taken orally or via enteral tube feeding.

  • With Liquid: Add 1 scoop of Advansure JustWhey to 50ml of water at room temperature, warm water or any beverage of your choice.
  • With Food: Sprinkle or stir 1 scoop of Advansure JustWhey into pre-mixed or prepared food such as soups or oatmeal. Use the enclosed scoop to add the recommended amount of protein based on nutritional needs and individual protein requirements. Use a heaping scoop.

Store in cool, dry place once opened. After mixing, consume immediately or store in the refrigerator and use within 4 hours. 

Allergen Info: Contains dairy. 

Whey protein concentrate. Osmolality: 54 mOsm/kg.
Contains permitted sweeteners (Sucralose).


  • Can be taken orally or via enteral tube feeding. 
  • Use as directed by health professionals.
  • Not for parenteral use. 
  • Not to be used as a sole source of protein
  • Keep out of reach of children. 

Important Note!

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