Bellamy's Organic Equispire Step 3 Toddler Milk Drink 900g

Bellamy's Organic Equispire Step 3 Toddler Milk Drink is a premium formulated supplementary milk drink, carefully crafted to support active toddlers from 1 to 3 years of age, when dietary intake may be inadequate. An enriched alternative to ordinary cow's milk, our Toddler Milk Drink is made from certified organic cow's milk with 8 essential vitamins and minerals. 

  • 8 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Protein for growth and development
  • Contains DHA and iron
  • Iron and vitamin B12 for red blood cells formation
  • Calcium for strong bones and teeth
  • Vitamins B1 and B12 to aid in the release of energy
  • No sucrose, colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Certified organic
  • Australian made

Directions For Use:

Children over 12 months: Add 4 scoops of powder to 200mL of warm water. Stir or shake briskly to dissolve the powder. Serve immediately. Prepare separately and discard unfinished drinks. 

Recommended 1-2 servings per day.

Organic milk solids [organic whole milk liquid or powder, organic skim milk liquid or powder, demineralised whey powder, organic lactose powder)], organic vegetable oil [organic soybean oil, organic sunflower oil, emulsifier (organic soybean lecithin)], organic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) from milk, minerals (calcium carbonate, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, potassium iodide, magnesium chloride), dried DHA oil [fish oil (tuna), milk solids, emulsifier (soybean lecithin), antioxidants (sodium ascorbate, mixed tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate)], vitamins (sodium ascorbate, vitamin E acetate, niacinamide, vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid).


  • Contains milk, fish and soy.
  • Bellamy's Organic Equispire should be consumed as part of a healthy diet, which includes a variety of foods.
  • Suggested serves per day is provided as a guide when your child's intake of energy and nutrients may not be adequate.
  • Bellamy's Organic Equispire is a formulated powder for children, not suitable for infants below 12 months of age.