Deep Clean Extra Cool. Removes blackheads & dullness with Double Scrub Black Scrub: Absorb excessive oil. Removes blackheads noticeably. White Beads: Deep cleanses into pores. Exfoliates dull & dead skin cells. Formulated with Advanced Japan Million-scrub Technology, the scrubs optimist their Detox Cleansing Ability by bursting into Micro Scrubs to penetrate deeper into pores. Contains Oil Absorbing Scrub and Deep Detox Scrub that can effectively remove all impurities, blackheads and dull skin unveiling a clean radiant skin. Comes with an extra cooling sensation. Experience an extremely cool and refreshing sensation upon application, especially after an exhausted work out / sport activity.
-Completely clean & oil-free skin.
-Smooth, bright & healthy skin.
-Extremely cool & refreshing sensation.

Applying water onto face, massage foam on hand and apply onto face, wash off