Daflon 1000mg Tablets (30's) (MAL18116050X)

Daflon 1000mg is a medicine taken orally for acute haemorrhoidal disease. Daflon 1000mg also improves the venolymphatic insufficiency that cause heavy legs or early morning restless legs.

Therapeutic Indications:

  • Treatment of functional symptoms related to acute haemorrhoidal attack.
  • Treatment of symptoms related to venolymphatic insufficiency (heavy legs, pain, early morning restless legs).

If you have pain or bleeding when going to the toilet OR if you have leg pain, leg heaviness, please do visit a doctor or pharmacist. 


  • Acute Haemorrhoidal attack: 3 tablets daily (in 3 divided doses) for the first 4 days, then 2 tablets per day (in 2 divided doses) for the next 3 days.
  • Venolymphatic insufficiency: 1 tablet daily, in the morning at breakfast.

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