Kplass Cough Relief Patch 3's

Kplass cough relief patch combines traditional acupoint application and medicinal properties of Chinese herbs with modern technology of infra-red light and magnetic effect to relieve cough & expectoration.

Patented product, no oral intake, no injection, an effective & convenient solution for cough relief.


1.Kplass is the World’s 1st Infrared Technology Cough Relief Patches (Product of Singapore).
2.Innovative design that has no plaster fabric to minimise skin sensitivity.
3.Patch contains bamboo charcoal powder that can help to dissolve phlegm.
4.Use medical grade and quality infrared.
5.Children friendly as young as 3 months old can use.
6.100% herbal with infrared.
7.Infrared can open skin pore and allow ingredients to penetrate faster, deeper into the body (fast onset of action).
8.Infrared can reduce inflammation.
9.Infrared can improve blood circulation for faster recovery.