MegaLive Unicee is a combination of Acelora Berries Extract, Camu-camu Berries Extract and Rosehip Extract to support normal growth and development of tissues. MegaLive Unicee exists as a natural supplement that serves as a key for health and free radical scavengers.


Special Features Of MegaLive Unicee

- 100% derived from natural sources

- Acid free and gentle to the stomach

- No added additives, food allergens, artificial colouring, flavouring or sugar

- High bioavailability and absorption

- Suitable for vegetarians

Features & Benefits

1. Strong antioxidant

The antioxidant present in the berries plays a key role in maintaining healthy cells by protecting them from damage caused by potentially harmful free radicals.


2. Daily essential nutrient

Unicee is made from Acerola, Camu-Camu Berries and Rosehip extract to provide an overall benefits for maintaining the normal functionality of our system.


3. Good toleration

Being acid free, Unicee is suitable for those who experience stomach discomfort. Unicee is made from whole alkaline fruit source and suitable for people with gastric discomfort problem.


MegaLive Unicee Is Suitable For

- People with poor health

- People who wish to maintain good health

- Smokers

- Alcoholics

- Elderly