Discover the goodness of Naturie Blueberry Jam. Take a bite of nature’s bounty and capture the taste of ripe blueberries. You can spread it on toast or pancakes, mix it with yoghurt or use it on desserts. Enjoy its endless possibilities!

Product features:

  • No sugar added
  • Fat free


  • Use a clean, dry utensil to scoop out the jam and use as desired.


  • Sorbitol (INS 420 (ii)), blueberries (35%), pectin (INS 440), citric acid (INS 330), potassium sorbate (INS 202), permitted flavouring and colouring (INS 150d, 133, 122).


  • Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight if unopened. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use with 3 months.



Packing: Jar (Net weight 410g)