Opceden Jarrah Honey TA 45+250g

What is Jarrah Honey? Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata) is a Eucalypt Tree found in Western Australia. With medium to semi dark amber in colouring, Jarrah Honey has a rich, full bodied flavour and is low in glycaemic index (GI). The quality of Opceden Jarrah Honey is guaranteed and proven by laboratory testing. Opceden Jarrah Honey is being collected and removed from honeycomb using clean and modern extraction technolody. Compare to many other commercially available honey, Opceden Jarrah Honey makes sure that the extracting and packing process is not heat-treated or chemically processed, providing 100% pure and natural honey with no addictive, preservatives, colours, or sugars added.

What is Total Activity (TA)? Jarrah Honey has naturally occurred antibacterial and anti-microbial properties that can be measured by Total Activity (TA) scale. The TA rating of Active Honey indicated the strength of the antibacterial potency of the honey, measured by standard (phenol) bacteria-killing scale. The higher the Total Activity (TA), the more active its antimicrobial strength. 


  • 100% Original Australia Honey
  • 100% pure and natural
  • High in antimicrobial activity
  • Helps to boost immunity naturally 
  • Low in glucose, high in fructose
  • Can be used as alternative treatment to MRSA (antibiotic-resistant) as compared to traditional antibiotics
  • Helps to fight the stomach bacteria that causes stomach ulcers/bad breath
  • Apply directly to wounds/ulcer to aid the healing process
  • Consume directly to ease the pain of sore throat
  • Free from fragrance, chemicals, Varroa mites, preservatives

Suitable for: 

  • Age 12 months and above
  • People who experience sleeplessness or insomnia
  • People with stomach ulcer, liver's problem, or constipation
  • Treatment for mouth ulcer and respiratory infections
  • Suitable to be consumed by diabetic patients

Directions for use: 
Roll a teaspoon of Jarrah Honey around the mouth and keep it in the mouth for as long as possible to aid in healing of mouth ulcers. Consume to ease pain of a sore throat, help to fight stomach bacteria that causes stomach ulcers or bad breath.