Ural® Effervescent 4G 28's




- For prevention of urates cystallization in gout therapy and uric acid stones (kidney stones)

- For symptomatic relief of painful urination (dysuria)

- For relieving of discomfort in mild urinary tract infection (UTI)

- Lemon flavour, Sugar Free

- Made in Australia


Each 4g sachet contains:

Sodium bicarbonate 1.76g

Sodium citrate, anhydrous 0.63g

Citric acid, anhydrous 0.72g

Tartaric acid 0.89g


Dosage and administration:

4g to 8g (1 to 2 sachets) dissolved in cold water 4 times daily or as prescribed.


Reference: Information are extracted from the registered outer carton

MAL2243484 5 Aug 2022