Vicks VapoRub 50g provides symptomatic relief from blocked nose, cough and muscular aches and pain due to colds.

Camphor, Menthol, Thymol, Oils of Eucalyptus, Nutmeg, Cedar Leaf and Turpentine, Petrolatum q.s.

Direction of use:
i. Vapour action: When applied, the Vicks medications turn into medicinal vapours. These are inhaled to help clear blocked nose, ease breathing and coughing. For deeper relief, partly fill a bowl with steaming water, add 2 teaspoonfuls of VapoRub and inhale vapours for 10-15 minutes. Repeat as necessary. Children should be closely supervised to avoid scalding.
ii. Warming action: When rubbed, the special Vicks medication helps soothe muscular aches and pains due to colds.

Caution: When using this product, do not apply heat or heat/reheat (using microwave/stove), add to boiling water or container where water is being heated. Failure to follow these instructions can cause hot product to splatter and burn your face or body.